In 1985, the ministry began and was known as Lynn Somers & Friends.  In 1991, the ministry incorporated and took on the name, Hand of the Master Ministries.

HOTM has ministered in 30 states in the United States and as of the summer of 2018, also Spain.

We have performed and done instruction at several national conferences. We have performed & taught at Church retreats, youth gatherings, music conferences, Mission Conferences and Schools of Mission, as well as Church camps and Vacation Bible Schools.

HOTM Ministry/Lynn Somers & Friends had the opportunity to work with a street performance ministry at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA.

Hand of the Master has also performed at secular venues like Boy Scout banquets, Girl Scout meetings, daycares, preschools, and special needs gatherings.

In 1995, HOTM was recognized for Outstanding Achievement by the Christian Trailblazer award for Christian Singing and Entertaining by Airplay International (Nashville, TN).

We have several recorded projects, both audio and video, coloring books, story books, t-shirts, and script books, all of which are available for purchase.  Click here for the order form.