Cassette Tape – $8.00
“We Are the Reason” – Lynn M. Somers

Originally recorded in 1986, with a re-release in 1995. This is Lynn’s first recorded project. It features classic contemporary Christian music. Familiar songs such as “We are the Reason”, “Give Them All to Jesus”, and “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” will inspire listeners. These songs and others span a variety of styles, including a ’50’s sounding tune titled “Love the Lord Your God” and a country sounding “I Cannot Come to the Banquet” provide something for everyone. Two skits shared by Lynn’s beloved puppet friends are also included.

Cassette Tape – $10.00
“God’s House / Our House” – Lynn Somers & Friends

This project is Lynn’s sophomore or second cassette project recorded in 1992. It is very unique in that it features many original songs composed by Lynn and her husband Fred. The overall theme of the tape is to remind us that we are all God’s children and part of God’s family. Through the songs and original puppet skits, listeners are invited into a relationship with God that then influences all of their lives, including their family relationships. Side one of the tape is designed especially for children, with songs and puppet skits appropriately geared to them, but inclusive of their adult friends too. Side two is especially for adults, but enjoyed by children too, with a variety of songs challenging adults to be Children of God and actively live out their faith in all of their actions. Special songs to consider are:

“Come with Me” – the invitational Lynn Somers & Friends theme song with its finger snapping rhythms.
“The Butterfly Song” – an interactive song with motions that celebrates God and us as God’s creatures.
“My Home is Broken” – a special song about a little girl’s struggle to deal with separation and divorce in her life and how she talks to Jesus about this struggle, an issue the church has all too often ignored. Our puppet friend Mandy sings this song.
Other puppet friends talk and sing on side one.

Side two highlights:

“The Sight Medley” – brings together the chorus “Open My Eyes, Lord, I Want to See Jesus” with old hymns “Be Thou My Vision” and “Open My Eyes that I May See.”
“They’re Watching Us” – a challenging song urging us to walk the walk and talk the talk from the modern Black Gospel musical style.
“Daddy on Your Side of Heaven” – a song pondering what heaven really is like for our loved ones who’ve gone on before us. This was written as a result of Lynn’s struggle with grief upon her father’s death.
“God’s House/Our House” – the final song which gives the project its title. This song sums it all up – reminding all of us that regardless of our situation (“single, married, divorced, widowed” or “many colors, yet one God”) – we are all “children in God’s house” and welcome there. It also gives the final challenge to “choose this day who you will serve” and “make your house God’s home”.

CD – $15.00; Cassette Tape – $10.00
“The Gift of a Child”
Lullabies and Children’s Songs
– Lynn M. Somers

Recorded in 1996, this is a very special project inspired by and dedicated to Lynn’s miracle baby daughter Christiana. It’s a tape of songs only that are lullabies and children’s songs. Many of the tunes are familiar, yet with new original Christian lyrics by Lynn. The title song, “The Gift of a Child (Christiana’s Lullaby)” is set to the tune of “Brahm’s Lullaby”. There are new Christian words to the old “Rock-a-bye Baby”. The old familiar tunes of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Three Blind Mice” lend themselves to new words in “The Wise Men’s Song”, “Baby Jesus in the Temple” and “Little Lost Boy”. There are two totally original songs on the project: “Grammy’s Rock-a Bye” and “The Cookoo Song”. The tape concludes with two traditional children’s favorites “Jesus Loves Me” and “Away in the Manger”.

In addition to enjoying Lynn’s lovely voice on these songs, the second side of the project has the accompaniment traks of all the songs which can gently lull your little one to sleep or use the accompaniment side to be able to sing to your child yourself. Either way this is a very special recording for you, for your children, for your grandchildren. It would be an excellent gift for baby showers and expectant parents! Some churches have purchased this product for use in the church nursery. Celebrate The Gift of a Child through this special recording!