photo by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Tietsort

Primary Artist/Minister:

Dr. Lynn M. Somers is a Christian puppeteer, vocalist and educator. She studied Christian Psychology and Bible at Asbury University; vocal music with Wright State University as part of her Masters of Arts in Theology with United Theological Seminary, and also received a Master of Arts in Religious Education from United Theological Seminary.  In 2006, Lynn earned a PhD in Religious Education with an emphasis in Faith Formation from The Union Institute and University which culminated in her doctoral project of a Media-Rich Curriculum to facilitate the practice of Prayer in Preschoolers and their families. For over 30 years Lynn Somers has been a Consecrated Commissioned Lay Minister in the church serving in many capacities, including this ministry.

Lynn has also done teaching in academic settings.

  • Introduction to Christian Education (Ohio Christian University)
  • Children’s Ministry at undergrad (Asbury University) and master’s level (Lancaster Theological Seminary)
  • Puppet Ministry at the master’s level (Lancaster Theological Seminary)

Lynn is certified in pediatric puppet comfort therapy.

Lynn has taught at a variety of national Christian Educators’ conferences.

In 2018, Lynn had the opportunity to go to Spain as a missionary and taught puppetry, and spoke about the importance of children’s ministry in Christian education.

Lynn has written curricula and articles for various religious publishing houses.

Lynn had the opportunity to do an observation internship on the children’s PBS show, “Between the Lions” as part of her PhD internship.  During this internship, Lynn learned filming techniques used with puppets and puppet-human interaction as well as shooting sequences and editing techniques.

photo by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Tietsort

Associate Artist/Minister:

Rev. Frederick A. Somers is an Ordained Minister specializing in Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care. Fred received a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary. He learned puppetry from Lynn and performs with her when he is able. He is also available for creative preaching engagements and liturgical worship leadership.

Fred is a certified Chaplain.  He completed 2 full years of Chaplain Residency (CPE) at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA.

Fred also earned one unit of CPE in Dayton, OH (while in seminary).

Fred has performed Hospice Chaplaincy in Indiana and now in Florida.

The Somers’ are committed to proclaiming the good news through their non-profit ministry. They have two adult children, Christiana and Richard, who have also been trained in puppetry who may occasionally appear with the ministry.