My Big FamiIy – a child’s story coloring book about Fostercare by Lynn M. Somers with Ira Fortna. Donna Teaford, editorial consultant. Illustrated by Betty J. Wonder

This story-coloring book combines the talents of several folk who have deep concerns for children as well as many years of experience with children in fostercare. The inclusive text shares a child’s story of being placed in fostercare. It explores the spectrum of feelings related to the foster family, the original family and the caseworkers and discovers how all are parts of one big family who care and love the child. It is an excellent tool to be used by caseworkers and families to help children color their feelings of the foster care experience. This book is available in religious and secular versions.

My Big Family (A Child’s Story Coloring Book about Fostercare)

Number of BooksCost per Book
50 or more
$ 7.00
$ 6.25
$ 5.50
$ 5.00
$ 4.50

Coloring Book – $5.00 “Lynn Somers and Friends” Character Coloring Book

Kids will enjoy coloring their favorite puppet characters in this book. Each page includes something about the puppet character in the caption. Some captions are lines from skits or songs “the friends” share in live shows. Other captions reflect ideas for the TV Show Lynn Somers & Friends are developing.

Coloring Book – $5.00 “Dear Jesus I Wanna Talk to You … My Home Is Broken”

This is a special resource designed for children dealing with separation and divorce in their lives. The book is a companion piece to the song “My Home is Broken” which is an original song on Lynn’s God’s House/Our House cassette. The story song is told by puppet-character Mandy who pours her heart out to Jesus about her family situation. The story coloring book has the actual song lyrics on the top of each page and the story behind the song appears on the bottom of the page, with the pictures to color in the middle. It is hoped that as children color and read through this resource, that they can work through some of their feelings about the separation and divorce that is occurring in their family life. The song and story are based on real life situations.