Lynn Somers & Friends
has a free 5-minute Promotional Video Available

At a Lynn Somers & Friends performance you will meet . . .

Mandy, the shy 6 1/2-year-old who loves Jesus with ALL HER HEART! OR Billy, the little blue boy, who thinks there's no reason why Jesus shouldn't love the blue children too! AND Penney the sister who knows it all! OR Mr. Quimper, the spry, energetic sage! AND Drama Dairy, the perfectly persnickety camel! OR Fred, a special friend who has close ties to Lynn! AND of course, Lynn, whose message in song is a blessing and who, along with the Spirit, will witness to the heart and soul.

To obtain a copy of the promotional video, please contact:

Hand of the Master Ministries, Inc. and Lynn Somers & Friends
Lynn & Fred Somers
5528 Kirby Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45239
(513) 376-8058
E-mail: Hand of the Master Ministry


Questions? Contact Hand of the Master Ministries

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